How do I Know My Baby is Uncomfortable?

As I work with more babies I’m beginning to realise that babies express themselves in a multitude of different ways. One of my earlier blogs stated that babies who have a difficult birth can cry a lot but I think this is too simplistic. Firstly a babies experience of a birth can be very different from the mother. Some babies are traumatised by a straight forward birth and others breeze through a birth the mother experiences as traumatic.

Its also simplistic to say that a baby will always cry if its traumatised or uncomfortable. Some babies are very stoic, with easy going natures. So how can we tell if craniosacral therapy could help this stoic little chap? He may not be crying but is he letting you know he is uncomfortable?

He may be grunting and wriggling a lot. He may not like lying in a certain position or may be always turning his head to one side. He may be very tight in the back of the neck, like he is always trying to pull his head back. He may be constantly pulling his legs into his body as though he has stomach cramps. He may also be constantly feeding, but more for comfort rather than food.

If your baby is showing a number of these signs, he might be letting you know he isn’t very comfortable at the moment. Craniosacral therapy can help release any strains and discomforts put in during birth and help babies relax and be happy.


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