Why do some babies Cry…..a lot?

Some babies seem to be unhappy no matter what you do. They’ve been changed, they’ve been fed and they won’t go to sleep! So why are they still crying? Parents despair and Doctors tell us they will grow out of it. Well, yes they will but isn’t there something we could do now. Fortunately the answer to that is also yes.
All animals including babies have a delicate balance in their nervous systems between fight and flight (our survival mechanisms) and rest/repair and digestion. So if we are in danger our bodies shut down digestion to concentrate on our survival. Very sensible you think, until we go through a trauma and our fight and flight system gets set on high, often permanently.
You probably don’t know this but birth is often the most traumatic experience we go through. So it isn’t surprising that a babies nervous system can often get out of balance and you can guess what that leads to. A baby that has trouble feeding and digesting his milk, has trouble settling down and sleeping and is often anxious and easily startled and disturbed. Hardly surprising if your nervous system is set for danger.

This is where Craniosacral therapy works wonders. It’s a very gentle hands on therapy that releases the trauma in the system, resetting the nervous system. Also dealing with any tensions in there little bodies that come about from being squished through a very small tube and twisted about in the process. I bet we adults wouldn’t feel too comfortable after going through that either. So maybe it’s not so surprising why they cry after all.


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