About Me


After having my four children I began to realise my posture had deteriorated over the years. I needed to do something about it and I turned to Pilates. I loved it from my first lesson. I was taught how to see and feel the imbalances in my body with improved body awareness and then how to correct them. It was amazing to see and feel my body changing, getting longer and leaner as my posture improved and even better when other people started noticing too.

I couldn’t wait to start training as a teacher and enrolled with Body Control as soon as my children started school.

I’ve now been teaching for 9 years and realise in even greater depth how truly individual people really are. I find it exciting and challenging to try and work out why an individual has pain and how in my exercise plan I can help bring back balance to the body and release their pain. I find working with portable equipment in my classes adds challenge, interest and extra feed back when we are trying to make changes. So my classes will regularly include either foam rollers, big gym balls, wobble boards, resistance bands, over balls, sit fits, triad balls and franklin balls.

Craniosacral Therapy

My first experience with craniosacral therapy was when I took my baby son for a check up. His birth had been very quick and he rarely stopped crying and never slept longer than an hour at a time. After 3 appointments he was a different child. The therapist had released the stresses in his system from the difficult birth and he was able to relax and be happy and I was able to sleep.

A personal experience came later when I developed a sinus infection that refused to go. After two courses of antibiotics, the doctors said it would just clear up by itself and I was at my wits end. Two visits to a craniosacral therapist later and all the symptoms had gone and I felt human again. I decided to enrol on a course to study this gentle but very powerful therapy.




          • 2004 Body Control Pilates Mat Work Certificate
          • 2007 1 year course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Foundation Course
          • 2009 Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy (2year Course)


          • Body Control Pilates Association
          • Register of Exercise Professionals – Level 3 Advanced Instructor
          • Craniosacral Therapy Association of the United Kingdom

Further courses attended

          • Intermediate Matwork
          • Pilates Ball Course. Beginners to Intermediate
          • Small Ball and Toning Circle. Beginners to Intermediate.
          • Foam Roller Course.
          • Pilates and Pregnancy 1 & 2

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