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Success Stories

"As a lifetime sufferer from debilitating bouts of lower back pain, I had spent fortunes on osteopaths. The effects had begun to spread, and after a holiday when walking was a challenge, with pain in hips and knees, I decided I must find preventative help, and my osteopath recommended pilates and Denise. That was ten years ago. At first I had't a good understanding of the "why" of the exercise rather than the "what". But I persisted, which is essential, as the body has to do a lot of re-learning if pilates is to be effective. 

The most enjoyable feature is having an hour a week devoted to nothing but focusing on stretching joints and muscles etc, to the exclusion of all else. I have greatly appreciated Denise's clarity and subtle intervention and correction.

The single best result is a dramatic reduction in the occurrence of low back pain stemming from poor posture, and the parallel increase in flexibility and sense of well-being"

Derek N (Beckenham)r

"I was encouraged to join Denise's pilates class by my osteopath due to neck, upper back and shoulder pain. I was concerned that I would stand out as a beginner but I've found that the class is mixed and all different types of people attend. I've enjoyed learning more about how my body works and I've become more aware of my posture.

The best result is that I haven't needed to visit the osteopath in a while - prevention is definitely better than a cure!"

Gemma M (West Wickham)

"Before I was introduced to Denise, life seemed to be one constant nagging backache, which I have put up with for many years. I visited a fair few professional people who I had treatments with and yes that eased the discomfort for short periods of time. Having scoliosis in two places made me very scared of what I would look like in later years and what effect it would have on my health.. I was a little anxious as I am not really a person who enjoys sport or forms of exercising, but Denise encourages and there is no pressure in any way.

Denise has spent extra time, helping and guiding me with extra exercises for home to help keep me flexibe. She always shows care, concern and interest in each individual, both in and outside class and makes you feel very comfortable. The class has a lovely friendly rapport with each other and its lovely to discuss and chat afterwards.

The most positive and visual result has been the improvement in my posture. Taking hold of the information that Denise gives and using it in everyday life has enabled me to be more aware of correcting myself.

Thank you so much Denise, you are brilliant"

Dorelle M (Warlingham)

"Before I found Denise's pilates classes I was having a lot of lower back pain with very unpleasant back spasms that forced me to lie down where ever I happened to be. Since joining pilates the back spasms have vanished.

I really enjoy my pilates classes, Denise works incredibly hard to keep her classes interesting, she plans a different piece of equipment each week. Denise is endlessly patient, when one explanation doesn't compute, she supplies another. Having demonstrated she then gives individual attention as she goes round the class. Her hands are magic, as soon as they touch you, your body knows just what she wants from it.

The most amazing result is my shoulders are now open and in a better position and I am aware when they are not sitting on my back correctly. As a massage therapist this has taken a huge amount of strain out of doing my job. Denise is the little voice that reminds the body to work for least strain.

Hilary S (Farleigh)

"After some years of worsening body flexibility, I was told by a physio that I had stiff joints and short muscles. I was advised to adopt a regular exercise regime to maintain and improve body flexibility.

I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do the pilates exercises. I was also concerned that the exercises might aggravate my lower back problem.

However, I enjoyed the opportunity to follow a structured exercise regime on a week to week basis. I particularly like using a different piece of equipment each week and the regular group of attendees are very friendly.

Over time my ability to do the pilates exercises has improved. This has resulted in greater body flexibility and increased confidence about body movement in general. This is due to Denise's patience and her personalised advice on what would suit me best."

David D ( Langley Park)

"I suffered from a sore lower back before I started pilates. I like the way, in Denise's pilates classes, we do different exercises each week using a variety of balls, rolls etc. I'm much more aware of my posture now and I believe it has improved. I enjoy the unhurried clam pace of the class and the lack of music.

The best result for me is I'm now free from lower back pain! Thanks Denise!

Rebecca H (Beckenham)

"I had suffered from a chronic lower back for many years and was almost having weekly osteopathic treatments. I decided a more positive pro-active approach was required, in order to take control.

I was mildly concerned before starting Denise's classes that I might make things worse. I shouldn't have worried!

It might just be this particular class, but I hadn't expected to laugh so much! Denise is very attentive and not shy about moving us about. She commands the class with a iron fist in a velvet glove - we are there to improve and keep healthy and I'm so thankful she does, no cheating allowed!

The best results are a much more stable back and an understanding of how my body is designed to work and how to get the most out of it (especially post surgery). I have also met a lovely group of supportive women, who I wouldn't have known if not for Denise's class. I look forward to class every week."

Sandra W (Farleigh)


"I felt I needed to improve my mobility and core strength. I had some reservations about joining Denise's class as I wasn't sure whether I would be able to cope with the exercises. Working with Denise has been extremely pleasing. I have found the group helpful and supportive and I have really appreciated Denise's imaginative, friendly and informative instruction. 

I am now more conscious of correct posture and movement and this has been most beneficial."

Lynda B (Farleigh)

"I was having trouble with my hip and a friend suggested joining a pilates class as she had a problem with her shoulder. I wasn't sure if pilates would benefit me. In Denise's classes exercises are catered for everyone. The class is small enough to have personal 1:1 attention to ensure you've done the right thing.

The best results from working with Denise is my hip doesn't hurt any more! Overall, I have very few aches and pains."

Claire M (Langley)

"I had already attended other pilates classes before joining Denise's class. I like the concentration I have to have, the structure and the different equipment Denise uses. I feel my core has strengthened and my posture is slightly different. I really like Denise's "hands on" approach, that's the difference between her and other instructors."

Jenny A (Bromley)

"I had been doing pilates for about 18 months and could begin to feel the benefits and I wanted it to continue. Denise had been recommended so I had no reservations about joining her class. Denise has a different style to my previous teacher as she is hands on. I like the fact that she goes around the class and adjusts people's positions to get maximum benefit. Working with Denise has been very positive. I like the fact she uses lots of different pieces of equipment and is constantly developing techniques. She also has an infectious enthusiasm.

I am now more aware of my posture and I'm very keen to continue improving my core strength to protect my back. I also enjoy the work Denise does on our shoulders particularly as I have a desk job."

Marion F (West Wickham)

"I suffered from frequent pain in the lower back and stiffness. My only reservations about joining Denise's class were all about my abilities. Working with Denise has made me more aware of my own body. She makes each session different and varies things with different exercises and equipment. Denise also keeps a core of exercises we repeat which helps me remember better and she has passed on a knowledge about different muscles etc.

The best results are that I now rarely suffer from back pain and I feel more flexible."

Sue W (Beckenham)

"I was a bit stiff on occasions but otherwise well. I had no reservations about working with Denise as she came highly recommended. Working with Denise has been excellent, fun and educational. I can now isolate muscles I didn't know I had. The best result of working with Denise is I am constantly readjusting my posture with your voice in my head."

Gill M (Farleigh)

"I always felt my posture could be better. It has been great working with Denise, learning new things each week . The way Denise describes the exercises is memorable and sticks in your memory. I now have less aches and pains and a better posture."

Mary L (Beckenham)

"I was in a lot of pain in my lower back and also sciatica. I had tried osteopathy, acupunture and had been to a chiropractor after only being offered painkillers by my doctor. None of which helped. I was happy to find something else to try to help alleviate my pain. Working with Denise has been amazing. I have learnt so much within a friendly, warm atmosphere. Denise is so understanding of individual problems. I love her "hands on" approach to make sure we are using the correct muscles for each exercise. Best result is I'm pain free!!"

Jacqui J (Selsdon)

"I do quite a lot of exercise - running, cycling etc but I wanted to add something to balance that up, to help support those activities, to help with posture etc. Pilates feels like my time, just time to be with my body without the 'harshness' of running or a crossfitclass. I like learning about my body and I like it when Denise corrects your position and then you suddenly realise what that movement is meant to feel like.

The best results from working with Denise is I'm more aware of my posture and I'm able to work more effectively in the gym because sometimes I can activate muscles that I couldn't seem to connect with before."

Gillie (Parklangley)

"My posture wasn't great and I used to get a dull ache in my arms, sometimes feeling painful to lift them up behind my head. I was concerned about looking stupid in class, not being able to do the exercises or pushing myself too hard and pulling a muscle. Working with Denise has been great. Denise is an excellent pilates teacher and gets to know all our problems and weaknesses. The best results are an understanding of my body, how it should feel and my posture.

Pilates is a very important part of my week and I hope to carry on my class for many more years."

Lesley B (West Wickham)

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