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Success Stories

I have suffered hayfever which has affected my sinus’ causing great discomfort for a long time. It affected my ears which cracked and popped causing hearing loss which was almost intolerable.I consulted a Doctor who made an appointment for me with an ENT surgeon in a months time. I felt I could hardly wait that length of time the symptoms were so extreme.

I went to see Denise who gave me three treatments of Craniosacral therapy and almost immediately my symptoms eased, improving with each treatment. I can now wait in comfort for my appointment with the ENT surgeon and perhaps an operation has been avoided. There is no other explanation for this improvement, it can only be the treatment I had with Denise.

Lynne P (Disley)

Before I started working with Denise with Craniosacral therapy, I had a knee injury which was affecting my life. I couldn't take part in lots of events and workouts which were key to my career. I found myself frustrated and not knowing which way to turn after trying multiple physiotherapists. I came to Denise when I had given up and assumed I would never run again and my knee pain and injury was just a part of my life now. However, after a few sessions with Denise, she changed my life. My knee is so much better and I can  even run now and the pain has gone. I can't thank her enough.

Natalie G (London)

Before starting Craniosacral therapy I had many sore, achey and stiff areas which never seemed to get any better despite medication and rest.

I was convinced that I was never going to be able to shake off my symptoms. Surgery rendered me weak and unfit. I approached Denise about Craniosacral therapy to see if she could help me as I was keen to look for a solution other than medication.

Each session was relaxed, warm and comfortable. Denise has an easy going, friendly manner which immediately put me at ease.

After 2 sessions I was amazed to find that the most troublesome pain that had bothered me for so long had diminished. I was able to forget it was there for long spells. After a further 2 sessions it has disappeared altogether!

Jane W (Selsdon)


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