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Distance Craniosacral Therapy

"The body is a coalescence out of an energy field matrix. The same way the sun is just a part of its huge gravity field that effects all planets around it and responds to the rest of the galaxy through dark matter and if only we could see with other eyes the universe would light up with streams of relational lines that reveal how preposterous it is that we think we are separate."             Perceptual Fields -foreground and background-Ged Sumner



The session takes place either over zoom or over the telephone. It isn't important for us to see each other but only to be able to hear each other.

We will discuss what you are wanting to achieve and what you may be going through or feeling at the moment. Then there is a short breathing exercise to settle you whilst you are lying comfortably on the couch or on a bed.

Whilst I do the session I will let you know everything I am sensing and working with and welcome any input from yourself on what you are feeling. I often think that a session benefits from communication and teamwork.

Clients often are aware the tensions being released throughout the session and feel an overall sense of relaxation, lightness and peace at the end of the session. Distance sessions can be incredibly powerful and are often processed and integrated over the following week bringing greater benefits as this process is completed.

Hugging a Pillow

Having had a few Craniosacral sessions with Denise all I can say is she is very gifted and knowledgeable.  All my sessions have been distance healing and I am able to be comfortable in my own space, connected to Denise on a call and I feel like she is in the room with me. She has enabled me to get in touch with and release some very deep patterns which have kept me stuck in my life and these have been resolved one layer at a time to allow for my body to integrate the work and adjust and heal. The beauty of the distance work is that I feel safe to explore these deep patterns knowing that I don't have to drive home after the sessions! I have recommended Denise and her work to several friends who have also benefited from working distantly with Denise.

Anne S

Distance craniosacral session lasts for 1 hour and costs £50

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