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Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things Jospeh Pilates

Stress and anxiety are becoming a common and accepted part of our busy lives. We accept it as part of everyday life but we are not designed to live under constant stress. The long term consequences can be anything from pain, panic attacks, poor sleep, exhaustion, headaches and can contribute to conditions such as fibromyalgia amongst others. Here at we look at ways at reducing these consequences from the gentle release of traumas and stress with craniosacral therapy to looking at how pilates can help us become aware of the tension we hold in our bodies learning how to relax over tight muscles and strengthen weaker ones leading to less pain and a greater feeling of wellness.

Classes in Beckenham, West Wickham and South Croydon

Treatments in Orpington

Massage Table

From the comfort of your own home

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